Florist shop and polka dots

10 Oct


One of my fave outfit photoshoots at this moment. Walking around the city in this outfit was fun and a lot of people seemed to like it. I guess it’s the polka dots fault! They can attract everyone’s eye quite easily.

I also made an acquaintance with a Bulgarian photographer shooting for LOOPOS, who said a lot of nice things about my future as a blogger. Whoa :D.

The finishing touch for this outfit definitely is the florist shop in the background… it complemented the clothes perfectly! I guess I would’ve made a lot of money if I had spent this day selling flower right there 😀


You can smile at the sunny shots now and have a nice(er) day.



Един от любимите ми аутфити в момента, и определено едни от любимите ми снимки. Разхождайки се с този тоалет из Софийските улици предизвиках повече положителни реакции у…

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Simply Elegant

10 Oct


10 Oct

Faiza is the fairest of them all.

10 Oct

From Antwerp..

10 Oct

Le mercredi des bijoux: BeadFeast Love

10 Oct

Something Unrelated

10 Oct


Im beginning my blog with something unrelated to get me started. I chose to attach a photo from DollsKill as I am somewhat obsessed with the website. A bit about me! I am a Fashion Design and Technology student at Arts University College Bournemouth. I will be posting things about my work and things that interest me, and what will hopefully interest others. I am a little bit eccentric. Enjoy.

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